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Welcome to Hotel Jägerhorn; an intimate oasis of style, service and comfort in the very center of Zagreb, Croatia. The oldest standing hotel in the city, the Jägerhorn enjoys a truly privileged location at just a stone’s throw from the main Ban Jelačić square in the heart of Zagreb.

Since 1827 the Jägerhorn has established itself as a social and cultural icon of Zagreb, noted by its association to numerous Croatian historical figures such as Ljudevit Gaj and Ban Josip Jelačić, as well as appearances in several poems, theater productions and films.

Nestled in a passage connecting the historic upper town with the city center, the hotel houses 18 elegantly appointed rooms, a stylish café offering the finest beverages, and the most beautiful terraces and garden to be found in the city. A peaceful and relaxing oasis defying its urban surroundings, Hotel Jägerhorn provides the perfect platform from which to explore the city and its numerous attractions.

The full refurbishment of the Jägerhorn was completed in 2015, with great care and consideration given to preserving the historical and cultural significance of the hotel in its interior decoration and visual identity.

The use of Croatian abonos oak, excavated from and preserved in the Sava river for up to 8000 years; and cast iron, synonymous with Zagreb’s upper town, as base materials throughout the hotel is testament to this, while a contemporary interpretation of classical styles is undertaken with furnishings and decorations. The final result is a unique synthesis of warm traditional elegance and chic design.

This attention to style, detail and comfort extends to the customized, personal and intimate service to be found, making Hotel Jägerhorn the ideal destination for both business and leisure travellers seeking an authentic hotel experience in the center of Zagreb.

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